Monday, February 22, 2010

My List of 10

Some of my wonderful bloggy friends have been doing lists.  Lists of  things that make them happy.  And boy, it makes me happy just reading the lists of all those wonderful things. It certainly is a fun exercise!  I think it would be fun to list 100 blogs that make me happy right here, right now!  I could list 100 types of flowers that gladden my eyes and "fill up my senses". (John Denver, Annie's Song)  I could list 100 songs that I absolutely love and I could list 100 people who have made and make my life beautiful.  I could list my top 100 quotes, my top 100 foods, or my top 100 book list.  You know, I may do that some day when I have a lot of time to recollect, rhuminate and resonate.  Today won't be that day.  But I would like to try and put out a mini list of sorts.  I think a list of 10 is a great little start.  So here is my list of 10 things that make me happy today!

1.  I am so happy when I have a beautiful place to walk or hike.  I had that today.  There is a park in Sandy, UT called Granite Park.  You take the trail and it leads you out to a long overlook where you can see for miles all over the City and you are overshadowed by the awesome mountains.  It literally goes for miles.  I walked there today.

2.  I am happy that I can spend time with my Dad.  He is 81 years old and at the twilight of his years. It's nice to just be around him and see how even at his late stage, he is still progressing in his life and being moulded by God into the person he is meant to be while on this earth.  I believe in that, you see.

3.  I am happy that I have gone through trials in my life because I now see that they helped me to become a deeper, more thoughtful, more insightful human being.

4.  I am happy for humor!  There is nothing better than to be caught by surprise at something that strikes you funny and then to let it out in a chuckle or a belly laugh.  Ah, good for the soul.  I did that today when I talked to my Dad, read a friend's blog and talked on the phone with my hubby!

5.  I am happy for food!  I love food!  Why do we make food our enemy so often?  I am here to tell you I would sacrifice 2 inches in my waist just to enjoy the food I like.  Last night I cooked for my family and we ate.  It was wonderful to be able to enjoy it with them!

6.  I am happy that I didn't have to do the dishes last night.  Do you know who did them?  My Dad!  I meant to go up and do them after I digested my food, but I was too late.  He had already done them.  My Mom had a keeper when she got him.

7.  I am happy that the Olympics are almost over.  They had me glued to the set a lot. Especially the speed skating events, and especially when Apolo Ohno skated.  He is the only celebrity I follow on Twitter.  Did anyone see him on Dancing With the Stars?  I didn't, but am wishing that I did.  He is the true epitome of an Olympian.  Gracious, beautiful, charismatic and breathtaking.

8.  I am happy for blogging!  I never liked writing as much as I do now.  Writing in high school was just another requirement, to be avoided if at all possible.  (What is the minimum number of pages I can get away with writing?  Maybe the teacher won't notice so much if I double space it!)  What is it that makes expression in a blog so much fun?  Knowing me, it's a phase and at some point, you'll wonder where I went.  But right now, at this time, blogging is fun!

9.  I am happy that Spring is just around the corner!  I can feel it!  You go outside and there is a certain smell.  A smell of earth teeming with life just underneath its surface.  It's going to bust!  Yes, we had snow here in Sandy last night.  But it was as if the snow was trying to make a last show of dominance, before retiring into inevitable submission.

10.  I am happy for a loving and kind husband.  He and I grew up in the same area, but never met until we both ended up here in Utah for the sake of our children.  We've been through some hard patches, but those rough times are turning out to be just what the doctor ordered for a great marriage!

OK.  I just can't make my list without this one last thing.  So please humor me, if you will!

11.  I am happy for my knowledge and belief in the Savior, Jesus Christ.  He lives, you know.  He is watching and waiting and hoping that we will turn to him and pray for his loving mercy and help.  It is He is who I have leaned on in my times of great trial.  He is why I am happy--even today!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Take On Network and Multi-Level Marketing

I have been a fan of network marketing since I was introduced to a company, some years ago. I loved their products and still do!  I loved the fact that they were delivered to my door!  I loved the fact that if I wanted to,  I could attract other customers to their products and they would pay me a commission for having done so.  I dabbled in the marketing side of this company  for some of those years, got customers, got paid, still get paid, but I found that there was also a lot of opposition to network marketing, a lot of misconceptions.  One common term I heard was "pyramid scheme".  People associated network marketing, even Multi-level marketing with pyramid schemes.  Maybe I was lucky. This was never the case with the company I associated with.  Of course it is always good to check out a company's record, customer service rating, BBB rating, etc. but that is true with any company, not just MLM's.. 

Personally, I now buy regularly from at least 3 multi-level, network marketing organizations.  Why?  Because the products from these companies far out-weigh any that I might find in a regular supermarket or department store and at much more reasonable prices.  The benefits I receive from their products increase the quality of my life and the life of my family members.  It is very convenient and I consume these products on a regular basis.  Plus there is always the built-in benefit of product recommendation.  If I refer a customer to any one of the companies that I purchase from, the company will reward me monetarily.  So I am not only getting quality products at a reasonable price, I am also receiving bonuses when I refer someone else.  Network marketing is something that Proctor and Gamble has even started doing, in a limited fashion, because they have seen how powerful network marketing can be. Their limited bonus program gives mom's a few free products if they will refer potential customers to them.

Recently Network marketing has been touted the  "Most powerful way to reach the end user" as quoted in Success magazine. We now have many companies like Microsoft, Coca Cola, IBM, Sharp, AT&T, Gillette, Texas Instruments and Colgate distributing their products via this Network Marketing system. These big companies are proof enough of the network marketing credibility and success. And within a few years, probably within the next 10 years, Network marketing industry will be distributing more services and products to the end user.

You will also see some of the most advanced, cutting edge products available to the consumer only by way of network marketing companies . Why is that? It is because they have spent more  money in product development and research, using distributors who move these products by way of network marketing.  They have cut out paying big advertisers, and some of them actually manufacture their own products, cutting out yet another expense.
We've all heard the extreme success stories of people who have received their golden ticket to life because of the money, time and quality of life they have gained through network marketing.  Many people believe it's kind of like the lottery or they think that one can only make it big if you get in at the 'ground level'.  They think that it could never happen to them and they better hold on to those dreary but dependable 9 to 5 jobs they trudge through every single day.  But how dependable are these jobs nowadays?  Where are they now?  I've always believed that there is an opportunity for everyone somewhere in America, if you work hard enough and believe in yourself.  I'm still optimistic about it, although I think that people really need to focus and work hard at what they believe in and not give up if it doesn't work at first.

Some advantages of Network Marketing Companies are:

  • Good quality products: Because these companies generally are able to cut costs on advertising, their products are very high quality.  A good question to ask oneself is 'Would I still consume the products and services of this company even if there were no opportunity to market them?  I have found the answer to be a resounding 'Yes!' in many circumstances.
  • Residual income:   When you have customers that consume a product on a regular basis, and you get a portion of the profit, that is residual income!
  • No employees to hire:  By far, this is a clear advantage over traditional businesses. An MLM affiliate program is a network of people independently working together.
    • Short commute:  It is possible to build a business right from home! This industry gives you that added benefit, to be in business without employee concerns, yet having a network of independent business owners working together towards a common goal.
      • No (or low) inventory:  Traditionally Network Marketing companies would have distributors stack up on inventory. This concept alone has given the industry a bad wrap for years.  This is something that has changed.  There are many companies that don't require any inventory - just a small portion each month that you use personally.  I think that is a fair requirement, given the fact that you are paid a portion of the company profit for every time you refer someone as a customer and the fact that you are telling someone these products are worth consuming.  Shouldn't you be the first example of that?
      • Modern technology can be used to operate your business, such as with:
        · The Internet
        · Drop Shipping Ability
        · Consumer Leads
        · Conference Lines
        · Web Conference
        · High Speed Internet Access

        • Low operating Costs:   The network marketing model makes it possible to run a business at low costs compared to any other business model. With the advent of technology, we can do today what distributors 15 years ago could not do and that's to make our business portable.
        With the advent of the cell phone, you can take your business and move it anywhere you like, at your convenience. So technically, you can be, for instance, watching your kid's soccer game, and be operating your business at full tilt!  That would be multi-tasking to the max!

        As long as you have access to the Internet via DSL or Cable, you can take your computer, your phone, and continue doing business while you are on the road, on vacation, or visiting relatives whether that be in another city or another country!  It is not just the money, but the fulfillment of a lifestyle that makes an MLM Affiliate Program the best business to get in and your individual skills is what makes it happen, period!
        As you can see, network marketing has many benefits. It  frees up a lot of capital, because we eliminate retailers, wholesalers, warehouses, and the big advertising budget that business and industries normally spend thousand of dollars on.  Money that is wasted in the traditional business can now be channeled into 2 main areas - the distributors of network marketing business and to product development and research.  In other words, the little guy has a chance!

        • Tax Advantages:  There are many tax benefits to operating a small business within your home, such as working as an independent distributor for an MLM Company.  You are able to deduct many expenses that you have through operation of your business from your total income.  For instance, you can in many instances deduct office space square footage, office equipment such as computer, phone, fax, copying, etc., business expenses such as lunch dates, gas mileage for trips, hotel expenses, gifts, etc.  Even the cost of the personal products you purchase can be deducted if you can show that the purchase of these items is required for you to operate your business!  (Consult your own tax specialist for verification!)
        When someone comes to me and presents an idea or opportunity that is MLM in nature, I don't immediately turn on the red light, throw up the 'Do Not Solicit' Sign, and say 'not interested'.  I give it at least 10 minutes before I decide that this may or may not be something I could use in my life.  As a matter of fact, I'll go so far by saying MLM is as American as apple pie.  This type of marketing works very well in the free enterprise system, and gives everyone a chance to benefit and succeed based on their needs, wants, and abilities, and of course, a little good old-fashioned luck!

        So next time a friend of yours comes to you and says "Hey, I've got a great business with great products/services that you need to look at!"  Give them a chance before you walk away!

        Sunday, February 7, 2010

        Feckless and Vapid - words I don't hear a lot!

        The two words above are words that are seldom used, but I think they sound so interesting.  I am going to attempt to use them in this post.  I have no idea what I will post about.

        Let's see, today was the Super Bowl.  I really was against the majority in that I wanted to see Payton Manning and The Colts win.  I just kind of like him.  I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to get to like Drew Breese.  I also like Austin Collie, who is a first year Colts receiver, just over from BYU, my hometown college team! The first quarter looked really promising for the Colts.  A touchdown and no answer from The Saints except a field goal.  But then the momentum changed and I felt it.  That is something I'm good at.  I can feel which team has got the momentum going for it at about the middle of the 2nd quarter.  I tend to lose interest after that if my team doesn't have it going on by then.  Of course, there are always the rare surprises, so in the important games, I'll hang around for the whole thing.  I pretty much watched the whole thing this evening, if only for the commercials and the food that was prepared, mainly by moi!

        I think that the E*Trade Commercials are hands-down the best ones, making a lot of those $2 million commercials look dull and vapid in comparison.  Those little man babies are adorable!  I seriously think my husband should look like one of those babies, because he acts so much like a baby sometimes, (especially when he has a widdle cowd or needs praise or sympathy). You know I love you, honey, and I have plenty of both praise and sympathy to give you (along with my most welcome constructive comments that you love so much)!

        Yes, unfortunately, the mighty Colts offense turned into a feckless attempt to turn around a hungry and focused New Orleans Saints team.  Drew Breese, who some felt was another gun-slingin' (think Brett Favre), quarterback who makes sometimes desperate pass attempts that are at times intercepted, turned out to tie a super bowl record, making 32 pass completions, the same as the Patriot's Tom Brady in Super Bowl 2003 against the Carolina Panthers. Not too shabby!

        Well there you have it.  My attempt to use within my post two interesting words that I don't hear too often!  Try it sometime!  Pick a couple of words that you think are unusual and then just start writing.  It can be a real shake-up to your writing style!  It's also quite fun!  Let me know if you get some interesting results!