Friday, July 23, 2010

A Little Jaunt Up The Hill

This last Tuesday, Eddie and Joseph took a walk. They walked all the way to the top of Mt. Timpanogos!  A 19 mile round trip with a 1 mile elevation gain---OK, maybe that would qualify as a hike!  I just wanted to put up some of the pictures that they took and I think these will tell the tale!  I really want to make this trek.  But I think I will need a few things before I make the attempt.  I'd need at least one hiking pole, some better hiking shoes, a knee brace, an ankle support and an oxygen tank.  But other than that, I'm good to go!

Just look at the pristine beauty at this elevation.  It must have been breathtaking!  Here is Joseph at the year round glacier formation.  Many people will slide down this glacier and get hurt, like the one girl who had to be carried down in a stretcher with a broken ankle the same day as their hike.  Not many people were around there on Monday.  The boys passed several people on the way up, but none going down!  They pretty much had the whole place to themselves!
Mountain goats were nearby and available for photo ops!  They were just shedding their shaggy winter coats!  The Yettie and Joseph spent about an hour chasing the goats around and teasing them.  They are surely a little less approachable since the boys visited their craggy home.
At the top of the climb is a small weather station or shelter in case of foul weather or some hardy souls want/need to spend the night.  They made sure that they would be remembered long after their departure.
Finally they came winding back down the hill and we were there at the trailhead to meet them.  They actually ran out of water on the way down and must have consumed a gallon each of water at the drinking fountain. 

It amazes me how much energy they have.  They were none the worse for the wear afterwards.  They were business as usual the next day.  So why can't they bring their dishes upstairs after they eat?  It boggles the mind.