Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Visit From Our Oregon Family

Well hello!  I'm sure I'm talking to an empty room because this blog has gone the way of the once a year post, and if by chance someone is here, it's your lucky day!  We had our annual visit from our (far-removed in distance but not in thoughts) family in Oregon.  That moisture-drenched, running capital of the U.S. gave up one of its finest families for about 10 days so they could come here and share their wonderful selves with the rest of us!  It really was good to see them.  

Actually one of them is here, after serving a mission in Peru, at BYU.  We see him a little more often!  Berg had just recently purchased a bike and was getting around quite nicely on it, when it was stolen from his apartment complex. He had just come from the store and went inside to put the groceries away and briefly left it unlocked.  When he came outside, the bike was gone.  So his parents came to help with what they could and he decided to purchase another bike.  He did so, the same model with some upgrades!  Yes, even in BYU territory you can't leave things unattended.  I love that kid.  He's so smart, sweet and shy.  Some special girl will be lucky to have him!

  On the 21st we celebrated at my sister Laura's home with a family barbeque.  I love doing those every so often!  It's good to catch up and have some laughs with the family, not to mention the food is delicious every time.  It was there that the boy cousins decided to participate in a race down the street.  It was really fun to see!