Friday, December 31, 2010

Starting A Tradition

I thought I'd end the year by posting about the 2nd year that Laura has helped the boys make sugar cookies.  And that, by my definition is the kick-off of a tradition!  Oh, these sugar cookies aren't just any sugar cookies.  They were passed down from my grandma to my mother and who knows where my grandmother got the recipe!   Now Laura has the antique recipe box, cookie cutters, rolling pin and the flour sifter that belonged to grandma.  I think they should rightfully go to her.  She spent time making these sugar cookies and passing them out to people when she was the remaining one home, after the rest of us had left into the big world.  She really loved to make these and loved the tradition.  They brought her a bit of comfort and stability when everyone and everything around her was leaving.  And so she passes the tradition on to her two oh-so-willing little boys.  I think maybe the tradition will continue on! 
This is, after all, serious business!
With a little bit of jocundity mixed in!
And now Mom can relax b/c now someone else is helping to pass on the tradition! 

                                   Now if only it wasn't so dang messy.  Flour everywhere, I tell ya!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Speaking of Songs....

Here is the funniest song I've heard and seen in a long time!  I wanted to get this before embedding becomes restricted!  It came out earlier this week and already has close to 100,000 hits on YouTube!  If you haven't seen it, here it is!  Do you think it's true?  Know that some are upset about the way BYU Co-eds are portrayed here.  Would you be mad about this if you were a BYU Co-Ed? 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Songwriter Showcase

After a long work week it's fun to go out and do something.  We're lucky because in Provo, UT we've got two Universities and one of them is BYU.  There is always something going on and especially this time of year.  The students are seeing the end of the Fall Semester and the projects, papers and songs are due.  Songs?  Well, yes.  In the Media Music Division of the College of Fine Arts And Communications, songs are definitely due!
The bi-annual Songwriter Showcase features all original songs written by students in any current style which is monitored and charted by the music industry.  I was able to attend this event and styles there were aplenty.
I heard, "Open Heart Surgery", with lyrics that went, "She took my heart right out of my chest, took my heart out while it was still beating.  I told myself it would be alright.  She placed it back within my chest just for a'll all be fine."  I actually loved it and I definitely heard a John Mayer influence! 

I kind of enjoyed "California Caught Us Kissing", especially the chorus!

I also heard one song that had an Alanis Morriset influence and another with a definite Cold Play feel to it!  These music students are really brilliant with their diverse styles and ability to put their outlooks of life into not only words, but music!  

These students naturally write about what matters to them and I heard a lot about unrequited love and broken hearts. "Dreams Ain't For The Brokenhearted" and "Fizzle" are no exceptions. But, there were also songs about Jesus Christ as in "Once Upon A Time" and songs about human frailties in a humorous way demonstrated so well in "Somebody Out There Might Want My Life"!  Most of the songs were done on guitar or piano, but there were a few songs done with alternative accompaniments like stringed instruments and one with a pre-recorded remix for accompaniment! We heard 20 songs all in all and I thoroughly loved hearing them.  I may even purchase the CD of the show!  It's only $10 and maybe someday it will be really valuable because one of these writers/performers will be famous!