Friday, December 31, 2010

Starting A Tradition

I thought I'd end the year by posting about the 2nd year that Laura has helped the boys make sugar cookies.  And that, by my definition is the kick-off of a tradition!  Oh, these sugar cookies aren't just any sugar cookies.  They were passed down from my grandma to my mother and who knows where my grandmother got the recipe!   Now Laura has the antique recipe box, cookie cutters, rolling pin and the flour sifter that belonged to grandma.  I think they should rightfully go to her.  She spent time making these sugar cookies and passing them out to people when she was the remaining one home, after the rest of us had left into the big world.  She really loved to make these and loved the tradition.  They brought her a bit of comfort and stability when everyone and everything around her was leaving.  And so she passes the tradition on to her two oh-so-willing little boys.  I think maybe the tradition will continue on! 
This is, after all, serious business!
With a little bit of jocundity mixed in!
And now Mom can relax b/c now someone else is helping to pass on the tradition! 

                                   Now if only it wasn't so dang messy.  Flour everywhere, I tell ya!


scrilla said...

Love it! Thanks for being a part of it and helping SOOO much. :)

3Lilacs said...

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