Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'll now post and pretend that I'm doing so after having been to this
beautiful scene instead of having been subjected to another day of ghastly weather. Seriously, when will this end? I couldn't even work my job today! We can't operate those hand-held computers in this stuff. But it was a good napping day, TV day, and Family History Day. As much as I've wanted more kids and whined, moaned and complained that it didn't look like more kids were in my future, today my nap was uninterrupted and blissfully peaceful.

Speaking of sleep, I now snore. Apparently, Greg couldn't sleep last night between the hours of 3 am and 5 am because I was raising the roof with my snoring. How terrible! I always felt like I would never be one of those ungainly women who had no apparent self-respect nor self-control in their sleep. Well, it's happened. All I can do is say, "Well, why don't you use ear plugs? I do!" I'm sure that this is just a lapse of......well, self respect and self-control and that soon, I'll be back to normal. I'm not coming down with a cold, that I'm aware of, I'm not overly exhausted, I'm not stressed out, so it's obviously just a lapse.

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