Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Little Patch of Snow Is.....

what is left from the back to back to back snowstorms we had December through February. I know why this particular patch of snow is the only snow in the whole neighborhood left from those months. This is the remnant of the snow cave that the two brothers made. Eddie and Joseph aka "Eddie the Yettie" and "Sloppy Joe" worked on this cave while Joseph was here for Christmas, one of the two times I get to see my youngest son during the year. Why? Because life isn't always fair and sometimes bad things happen to innocent, good people, and it's through those very times that you sometimes have the opportunity to prove what kind of person you really are, who you will follow, and there you go! I so enjoyed peering out the window at them as they worked together gathering, molding, packing and then digging out the entrance. They worked as a perfect team far after dark for several hours. When it was done, it was a huge structure, not to be rivaled on the street and probably many streets. One time we found Joseph holed up in the snowcave when we were leaving to go out to eat together. We called and called Joseph but no answer. Finally he wriggled out, covered in snow, as we were just leaving to inquire at the neighbors to see if they had seen him. Apparently the walls were so thick that he couldn't hear us calling. (I'm not quite sure I believe that one, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. The walls were quite thick!) Eddie never went back into the Snow Cave. Apparently the entrance was a tad small for his taste and I think that he mainly did it for the comraderie and interaction with his brother.

It was a wonderful Christmas and it was wonderful mainly because I was able to have both of my boys with me during that time of year when families are suppposed to be together. The next time I will possibly see both of the boys together may be a very very long time. You see, Eddie got his mission call--he's going to the MTC on May 6th and leaving for Tampa, Florida soon thereafter. Joseph will be here sometme this summer. After his mission, Eddie (he goes by Ed now) will finish up at BYU and continue on with his plans to be an officer in the Air Force. He has been and is a wonderful son and has been so good to Joseph in my absence and they are incredibly close. Joseph looks up to Eddie so much and before too much longer, Eddie may have to look up to Joseph physically. But Joseph will always, always love Eddie and look to him as the big brother who could do no wrong.

A little patch of snow, two brothers, and a Mom who loves them so much!

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scrilla said...

What a good memory to have of your boys. Afterall, I think it may be those little things that stick with us the most when we need them. You're a good Mom and I admire you're love and devotion to your two boys.