Friday, February 27, 2009

One Way to Beat the Winter Blues

That's right, head up to Alta after 3 pm when the skiing is totally FREE! Yep! Greg and I headed up on Wednesday to see what the slopes were like. Truthfully, I hadn't been skiing in awhile, since 2007, because, well, I don't know why. But I was a little bit nervous going down my first time. I respect speed and heights, especially the first time down. And I'm certainly no expert--no Black Diamond runs for me thanks! As a matter of fact, I just did the easy run. But it really was great--and fun just to get into those mountains and feel the exhilerating coolness and see the beautiful trees and snow. I came off the slopes feeling so happy--a notch above when I first arrived at Alta. I want to do this a few more times before Spring. Greg is wonderful to take me. He's such a great skier and could be all over the place. He stuck with me this time because it had been so long. He actually took our nephews skiing this last Saturday. He had so much fun with them. I didn't go because I'm not an all-day skier. Just give me a few runs and I'm good.

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Valerie said...

Way to go Helena! Awesome. I would have been spattered all over the slopes.