Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello How's It Going?

Hi, this is a test, because I am rather skittish about starting a blog that anyone can read. I've been excited about seeing Laura start her blog. It's been great. I know that a lot of the women in my neighborhood do blogs. I like reading blogs, when I have time. But there is the public me and the private me. It will be interesting what I choose to be public and what I choose to be private.

There have been some exciting and fun things that have happened in my life just recently. I am the proud mom of a prospective missionary. His name is Edward C. Whitmore. He just put in his mission papers last Sunday.

But he's gone for a little trip to Virginia right now. So I've been able to do some fun things with Greg. We went to see Mall Cop today. What a stupid, funny movie. I only fell asleep for a couple of minutes. Then we went to Zupa's. I like that place a lot, especially the Nuts about Berries salad and the Tomato Bisque. Yum yum!

I really like my Freecycle Group and my group.

I like my involvement in Relief Society. The women really rock and I'm excited to just be associated.

Well, there you have it. My quick, at-a-glance stab at being a blogger. What do you think, will my blog be in high demand? Will people be hanging around just waiting to see what my next entry will be and going through withdrawals if I don't make an entry every couple of days? Probably not. So I'm not going to act like they do. But I'll just have fun with the written word and the ability that we have in cyberspace to communicate on yet one more level.


Melissa said...

I'm looking forward to future posts, and I especially hope you'll announce the mission call. It really is a great way to keep in touch with people! I ran into the Diamonds a few weeks ago and learned about their son, then last week I ran into Christine Whitworth and learned about her brother. In my mind those boys are still 15 so it's hard to believe they are all missionaries.

The Lewis Family said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with me :) I enjoy it, I have been blogging since high school and it is fun to see how big it has gotten. Thanks for picking me for your freecycle donation, I look forward to picking it up tomorrow. I think you might be in my stake since you live so close, not sure though.