Monday, January 19, 2009

Daisy Lured Me Out

I've been out on my walk with my little companion. She gets me out when nothing else would or could. She is all about walks and getting out and is so joyful when it works in her favor. Together we've seen some beautiful scenery and been into some crazy adventures. I could do a blog on just what we go through each time we walk. It's something different every day.

This morning it was about 5 degrees and no one in their right mind was out, it being MLK day as well. The trees were all white and heavy with the frost that had accumulated over several days and the fog was like pea soup. I put on a sweatshirt, a hoodie, my favorite athletic pants (the kind that look like plastic and rustle when I walk) because they are lined and are warm. My accessories of gloves, neck warmer and extra hat went on and I was good to go. I decided to walk on the trail that goes by the lake. One side is privately owned ranch land and the other side is wetlands going into the lake. We walked for about 20 minutes until the end of the trail. It was quite a sight. The lake stretched out forever in front of me but the view was obscured by a blanket of heavy fog. It was eerily silent--no bird sounds, no waves lapping on the shore. It was completely frozen with a 4-inch blanket of snow on top.

That's when Daisy started heading out onto the lake and looking back at me. She never really goes further than a few feet ahead of me except when she gets really exuberant and wants so badly to go ahead and see what is up ahead. And then she will come back and check on me and silently beg me to hurry up. She tries to herd me ahead. But I only go so fast so she has learned patience.

She was so excited to be out on the lake. She leaped around, showing me how sturdy the ice was. She came back towards me knowing that most likely, it was now time to turn back and start the walk back to the car. But today, I was envious. She was out on the lake and it stretched out endlessly like so much unexplored territory. Not a footprint on the whole thing. Then I broke. I made my way out to the edge of the lake. I looked out uncertainly. I tested the edge with my weight. It looked so eerie and unexplored and I felt like Dora the Explorer. I went on a little further. No signs of ice crackage. Daisy goes crazy. She is crouched on her belly ready to herd me. I take another uncertain step. She runs toward me and leaps up in joy and gives me an exultant growl. Then I start yelling and squealing and we start going out further and further. I am enveloped in the thick fog. No one is around for miles. I am alone with only my faithful dog and we're having a total blast. I would have taken a picture but I guess it was too cold and the thing didn't work.

Anyway we turned back after a few minutes because I got spooked. It was too isolated and eerie. But it was quite the fun little adventure this morning before I get back to my routine.

Greg and I will probably go to the gym later today. And that will be it for my exercise today. Now if I can just control my appetite. I love food too much, way too much, probably. But I'm so glad that I do and I can't bring myself to apologize for that. Have a good one!


scrilla said...

Ah ha! I found you! I knew you would be good at this. I loved this post, I think Mom would have loved it. I'm sure she was nearby on a morning like that, don't you think? Thanks for sharing...

Valerie said...

I love the way you describe the fog. I miss the fog; I used to walk in it a lot and I enjoyed that hidden feeling--when you can't see anything.

Diana said...

Fun adventure! Good thing you have Daisy to prod you along. ;) Now I KNOW you are up for Geocaching! Just after the snow melts, we will have to go. Come oooooooonnnn SUN!

The Lewis Family said...

You and your friends are braver than I would be, the fog scares me more than thrills me. The unknown? Who knows what could be in it, or if one could fall throw the lake? Yikes, when did I turn into such a worry wart? I think it was about 3 years ago when I had my first babe :)
Your writing is quite enjoyable and pleasant to read, thank you for sharing.