Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moving Rendition of National Anthem

I happened to see the opening ceremony of the NBA Finals Game in Miami, FL.  It piqued my interest about who was singing the National Anthem.  It was Marc Anthony, commonly known as Mr. JLo, Jennifer Lopez's husband with whom she has twins!  I was absolutely blown away by his singing and his stage presence.  So here is a peek for you!  You agree with my critique, yes? 


oomph. said...

i absolutely love him. i have one of his albums and love evvvry song on it. thanks for sharing this...haven't heard him sing in a while!

le Chef said...

Voice or not, something about the guy gives me the willies. Probably because most of my Hollywood exposure is along the lines of Star Magazine as I'm checking out at the grocery store .... who's creepy now ;)

And I'm laughing, because your word verification says "flushboy". Not that had any relevance, but well, you know how I am.