Thursday, September 30, 2010

Daniel's Summit

Greg and I took the bike to Daniel's Summit this past weekend.  Daniel's Summit Lodge is a wonderful place, complete with a great restaurant and general store.  Located directly off US 40, close to Heber, it is a great place to enjoy nature both in the warm months and in the winter.  It is famous for its snowmobiling trails!  I would love to do that sometime.  I'm permanently afraid of ATV's because of a freak accident a few years back, when I shattered my nose and de-gloved it from my face, requiring extensive surgery to make it look OK.  But I think I could muster the courage to get on a snowmobile and ride it.  And what about those Rhino's?  They look like miniature jeeps, but have all the get up and go of an ATV, except you can carry passengers and cargo!  Then I wouldn't have to drive!  I got a picture of one as a couple came in from off the trails.  They left their friend outside with water and food.  He was as good as gold!

We ate at Daniel's Summit Restaurant. Greg had the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich and I had Southern Chicken Salad with sugared pecans, red onions and avocado!  Delish! 
The leaves were just beginning to turn and should be in full force by this weekend!


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the dog is soo cute! :)

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Chastina said...

I've heard a lot of fun things about that area. Those Rhinos look fun too.

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