Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Day At Lagoon!

These are selfless parents!

Aunt Alicia carrying someone else's floatie! Also very selfless!

Joseph and Brandon

Show me where to go, Dad!

I know what you're up to!

Uncle Leland getting some sun

The Thomas Family

Darn it, I was there, but didn't come up with any photos of myself!?  Maybe that's because it's my blog and I don't have to put photos of me in swim attire unless I want to!  My Blog, my say! Mwaa ha ha ha ha!


Chastina said...

I understand that. Steve was looking at my blog and asked why there were not more pics of me on it.

scrilla said...

Thanks for being my family photographer for the day! ;) This is way I need to get you that memory card so you can take even better pictures! haha

Helena said...

Woo hoo Laura! I promise I will be the best photographer ever with that memory card!